Beyond Any

We have come a long way and in this journey we have created a lot of differences within living beings in form of species, gender, nations, political parties, economic classes, and ideologies. Moreover, the differences within us in form of our ideals, what we have and what we want. That is a lot of stress we are giving to our tiny selves. So lets take a break.

The collection "Beyond Any" is about celebrating the oneness in all of us that existed a while ago (few billion years I think), exists today (underlining the elementary forces we know), and shall exist forever. So lets close our eyes and see beyond many!

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The static reality beyond all the information, energy, spacetime that was, is, and will be. The place where existence and non existence are same. The complete.

Our life if full of positives and negatives. We spend our life seeking positives over negatives and still feel incomplete. Instead of seeking, lets try being the seer. Let the life happen in its fullest and experience every bit in complete. We may find our self this way!


The dynamism that makes 0 = +1-1. The vibrations, forces, strings, or probabilities, it is the underlying energy that makes all that we are and experience.

You little rebel are made of the same thing that stars are made of. Stay lit!


Not only does the reality present itself into the multiplicity, it craftfully hides the oneness behind all despite being made out of same oneness.

What is it that makes protons, time, thoughts, quantum superpositions separate from each other. What are those lines made of? And what would it take to see across this veil?!


Just like the 26 characters of English make words, sentences, paragraphs, and hence are able to define the whole knowledge of universe and even our imagination. This is the beauty of information engrained into the universe. Who teaches the electrons their job?!

Although information is within our reach, its extant is beyond us too. Where does the value of exponential constant, pi, zero and infinity converge into one? Do they still exist beyond spacetime?!


All our known universe works with space and time as given.

But if we see from beyond, it is the grand stage of our existence where the play happens.

'Beyond Any' is a creative work by Elfreds.

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